Tsumori Chisato AW22-23

Tsumori Chisato AW22-23

ביד אמן חופשית והרבה הומור יוצרת צומורי צ'יסאטו קולקציות שהן עולם שלם, מגוון ומופלא. לבגדים של צומורי מראה בוהמייני, שמח וחושני המועבר על ידי צבעוניות מרהיבה, המשלבת הדפסים, וטכניקות שונות כמו עבודת טלאים ורקמה.

Tsumori Chisato AW22-23 
“Forever Adventure”

While in the recent world where the mobility is restricted, a designer's imagination starts a never-ending journey.
At the beginning of the adventure, you encounter a fairly, Tin”C”er Bell.
Fairy flies around the city at night and scatter flower bouquets.
Then she heads for the island of dreams “Forever Land”.
It's a cat's world. There are the Pirate Captain John and many pirates, timid Cat-Pan and a crocodile. The island is filled with funny skeletal motifs and tiny skull cats.

That's right! This collection expresses to you the Tsumori & Cat version of the world of Peter-Pan, as imagined by the designer.
The bright, never-ending adventure continues in the Forever Land.

From 2019, Tsumori Chisato shifted to a build-to-order manufacturing method that manufactures and sells items as much as it receives orders from customers, and many items in this collection is available only at pre-order event.
The collection includes dress of waves, seashore of palms, island landscapes and forests motifs.